List of volcanoes in the United Kingdom

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There are no active volcanoes in Great Britain or Ireland, but there are a few in British dependent territories. One of the largest is 1,370-metre (4,490 ft) Mount Belinda at 58°26′06″S 26°22′53″W / 58.43500°S 26.38139°W / -58.43500; -26.38139 (Mount Belinda) on Montagu Island in the Weddell Sea off the coast of Antarctica. It is within the British Overseas Territory of the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Mount Michael (805 m (2,641 ft)), at 57°48′03″S 26°29′18″W / 57.80083°S 26.48833°W / -57.80083; -26.48833 (Mount Michael) on Saunders Island, was active in 2005. Its 700-metre-diameter (2,300 ft) summit crater is thought to possibly contain an active lava lake, one of only a handful in the world.

Below is a list of extinct volcanoes in the United Kingdom.

Name Elevation Location Last eruption
meters feet Coordinates
Ardnamurchan - - 56°44′00″N 5°59′00″W / 56.73333°N 5.98333°W / 56.73333; -5.98333 (Ardnamurchan) early Eocene: c.55 million years ago
Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh 251 824 55°56′39″N 3°09′43″W / 55.94417°N 3.16194°W / 55.94417; -3.16194 (Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh) Carboniferous
Cheviot Hills 815 2674 - Ordovician
Cuillin Hills (on Isle of Skye) 57°12′N 6°12′W / 57.20°N 6.2°W / 57.20; -6.2 (Cuillin Hills) Tertiary
Dundee Law extinct volcano in Dundee 500 56°28′11″N 2°59′22″W / 56.4698°N 2.9894°W / 56.4698; -2.9894 (Dundee Law) Ordovician
Edinburgh Castle castle rock - - 55°56′55″N 3°12′03″W / 55.94861°N 3.20083°W / 55.94861; -3.20083 (Edinburgh Castle) Lower Carboniferous
Giant's Causeway - - 55°15′00″N 6°29′07″W / 55.25000°N 6.48528°W / 55.25000; -6.48528 (Giant's Causeway) Paleogene
Glen Coe Caldera - - 56°40′08″N 5°01′34″W / 56.669°N 5.026°W / 56.669; -5.026 (Glen Coe Caldera) Silurian
North Berwick Law 187 613 56°03′05″N 2°42′58″W / 56.05139°N 2.71611°W / 56.05139; -2.71611 (Berwick Law, North Berwick) Carboniferous