List of wars involving Suriname

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History of Suriname
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This is a list of wars and conflicts involving Dutch Guiana and later Suriname from the Dutch colonisation of the Guianas to the present day.

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Results
Battle of Suriname
 Batavian Republic
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Guiana
 United Kingdom British occupation of Suriname
  • Britain took part of Dutch Guiana.
Surinamese coup d'état
Flag of Suriname.svg Henck Arron Flag of Suriname.svg Dési Bouterse Dési Bouterse victory
  • Overthrow of the Prime Minister with a violent coup.
Suriname Guerrilla War
 Suriname Jungle Commando
Tucayana Amazonas
State victory
  • Rebellion suppressed.


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