List of water beetle species recorded in Britain

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Suborder Adephaga[edit]

Note: the family Carabidae (ground beetles), is also part of this suborder; a list of these is at List of ground beetle (Carabidae) species recorded in Britain.

Family Gyrinidae[edit]

Family Haliplidae[edit]

Family Noteridae[edit]

Family Paelobiidae[edit]

Family Dytiscidae[edit]

Suborder Polyphaga[edit]

Infraorder Elateriformia[edit]

Superfamily Byrrhoidea[edit]

Family Elmidae[edit]
Family Dryopidae[edit]
Family Limnichidae[edit]

Infraorder Staphyliniformia[edit]

Superfamily Hydrophiloidea[edit]

Family Helophoridae[edit]
Family Georissidae[edit]
Family Hydrochidae[edit]
Family Spercheidae[edit]
Family Hydrophilidae[edit]

Superfamily Staphylinoidea[edit]

Family Hydraenidae[edit]