List of windmills in Bouches-du-Rhône

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This is a list of windmills in Bouches-du-Rhône, France.

Location Name of mill Type Built Notes Photograph
Allauch Moulin d'Allauch No. 1 Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French) Moulin Allauch.jpg
Allauch Moulin d'Allauch No. 2 Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Arles Moulin Van Gogh
Moulin de la Crau
Moulin Tour de Jonquet
Barbentane Moulin de Barbentane Moulin Tour Moulin Bretoule à Barbentane.JPG
Bouc-Bel-Air Moulin de Bouc Bel Air Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Bouc-Bel-Air Moulin de Bouc Bel Air Éolienne Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Boulbon Moulin Bonnet Moulin Tour Boulbon moulin 17 04 2009 0669.tif
Cabriès Moulin de Cabriès
Château-Gombert Moulin de la Montezane Moulin Tour 1737 Moulins-a-Vent (in French) Moulin de CHâteau Gombert.jpg
Ensuès-la-Redonne Moulin d'Ensuès la Redonne
Fontvieille Moulin de Saint-Pierre
Moulin Daudet
Moulin Tour 1814 Moulins-a-Vent (in French) Moulin-alphonse-daudet-alpilles.jpg
Fontvieille Moulins de Rome Two mills?)
Fontvieille Moulin Ramet Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Fontvieille Moulin Tissot
Moulin Avon
Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Fontvieille Moulin Sourdon Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French) Fontvieille 20150725 17.jpg
Fuveau Moulin des Forges Moulin Tour Converted to dovecote Moulins-a-Vent (in French) Fuveau moulin01.jpg
Gardanne Moulin de Cativel Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Gardanne Moulin de Gardanne Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Gignac-la-Nerthe Moulin de Gignac la Nerthe
La Ciotat Moulin de St Jean
Lambesc Moulin de Bertoire Moulin Tour 1795–1810 Présentation (mise à jour janvier 2013) du Projet de restauration du Moulin à Vent de Bertoire sur le site de publication Calameo ou by French heritage foundation Moulin de Lambesc.jpg
Le Tholonet Moulin de Le Tholonet Moulin Tour Moulin Cezanne 20100206 2.jpg
Les Baux-de-Provence Moulin des Baux de Provence Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French) Baux de Provence - Moulin château 3.JPG
Les Pennes-Mirabeau Moulin de Pallières No. 1 Moulin Tour 18th century Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Les Pennes-Mirabeau Moulin de Pallières No. 2 Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Les Pennes-Mirabeau Moulin de Pallières No. 3 Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Marseille Moulins de la Bastide de Montgolfier Two mills
Martigues Moulins de Martigues Three mills
Plan-de-Cuques Moulin du Mail
Rousset Moulin de Rousset Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French) Moulin-Rousset.JPG
Saint-Mitre-les-Remparts Moulin de St Mitre les Remparts
Saint-Victoret Moulin de St Victoret
Vauvenargues Moulin de Vauvenargues
Venelles Moulin de Venelles le Haut
Ventabren Moulin de Ventabren Moulin Tour Moulins-a-Vent (in French)
Vitrolles Moulin des Pinchinades

LAMBESC Moulin de Bertoire Moulin Tour

The towermill of Bertoire (13410 – Lambesc) mill built of local stone (between 1795 et 1810), with a vaulted ground floor to support the first floor and two rotating wheels and recumbent. It is located near the sports park, opposite the shopping center "Calypso"

The Association "Conservation patrimoine de Lambesc" has been founded in October 2009, which first project is to add wings to mill and grind wheat; then, the tower will become windmill. City of Lambesc, proprietary of this windmill since 1981, gave in November 2010, authorization to this project, contracting with Association "Conservation patrimoine de Lambesc". conservationpatrimoinelambesc-hotmail-fr.

Association "Conservation patrimoine de Lambesc" has contracted, in December 2010 with the "fondation du Patrimoine"(heritage foundation in France), to launch a public subscription starting in January 2011. Page de Soutien au Projet de restauration du Moulin de Bertoire

Since April 2011, work began: disbursement around the windmill, extracting the stone quarry in Lambesc of 40 coping stones followed by the size of the 40 stones in the stone-cutter's workshop), installation of scaffolding, raising of the tower wall to original height, 40 Laying coping stones.

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French Heritage Foundation supports projects to restore windmills with fundraising financial (tax-free) for the French public. 'la Fondation du Patrimoine organise des souscriptions de mécénat populaire.