List of winners of the Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards

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The Raiziss and de Palchi Translation Awards was established in 1995 through a bequest to the New York Community Trust by Sonia Raiziss Giop,[1] a poet, translator, and editor of Chelsea.[2][3]

The awards recognize translations into English of modern Italian poetry through a $10,000 book prize or a $25,000 fellowship with residency at the American Academy in Rome.[4][5][6]

Year & Award Translator Book Judges
2018 Book Prize Maria Luisa Ardizzone, Giorgio Mobili, Michael Palma
2017 Fellowship Thomas E. Peterson[7][8] Selected Poems by Franco Fortini Maria Luisa Ardizzone, Antonello Borra, Alessandro Carrera
2016 Book Prize Stephen Sartarelli The Selected Poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini Adria Bernardi, Antonello Borra, Alessandro Carrera
2015 Fellowship Todd Portnowitz Go Tell It to the Emperor: Selected Poems, by Pierluigi Cappello Adria Bernardi, Luigi Fontanella, Giuseppe Leporace
2014 Book Prize Luigi Bonaffini The Bedroom, by Attilio Bertolucci Barbara Carle, Luigi Fontanella, Giuseppe Leporace
2013 Fellowship John Taylor Selected Poems, by Lorenzo Calogero Barbara Carle, Victoria Surliuga, Anthony Julian Tamburri
2012 Book Prize Jennifer Scappettone Locomotrix: Selected Poetry and Prose, by Amelia Rosselli Geoffrey Brock, Victoria Surliuga, Anthony Julian Tamburri
2011 Fellowship Dominic Siracusa Oramai, by Emilio Villa Thomas Harrison, Jane Tylus, Paolo Valesio
2010 Book Prize Paul Vangelisti The Position of Things: Collected Poems 1961–1992, by Adriano Spatola Jennifer Scappettone, Paolo Valesio, Lawrence Venuti
2009 Fellowship None The judges did not award a fellowship this year Sarah Arvio, Emanuel di Pasquale, Michael F. Moore
2008 Book Prize Patrick Barron The Selected Poetry and Prose of Andrea Zanzotto Eamon Grennan, Michael F. Moore, Emanuel di Pasquale
2007 Fellowship Adria Bernardi [9] Small Talk, by Raffaello Baldini Geoffrey Brock, Eamon Grennan, Stephen Sartarelli
2006 Book Prize John DuVal [10] Tales of Trilussa, by Carlo Alberto Salustri Geoffrey Brock, Charles Martin, Michael Palma
2005 Fellowship Ann Snodgrass [11] Selected Poems of Vittorio Sereni Phillis Levin, Charles Martin, Michael Palma
2004 Book Prize Andrew Frisardi The Selected Poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti Phillis Levin, Rosanna Warren
2003 Fellowship Michael Palma[12] Selected Poems of Giovanni Raboni Alfredo de Palchi, Dana Gioia, Rosanna Warren
2002 Book Prize Stephen Sartarelli Songbook: The Selected Poems of Umberto Saba Alfredo de Palchi, Dana Gioia, Charles Wright
2001 Fellowship Emanuel di Pasquale Sharing a Trip: Selected Poems, by Silvio Ramat Alfredo de Palchi, Paolo Valesio, Charles Wright
2000 Book Prize John P. Welle and Ruth Feldman [13] Peasants Wake for Fellini's Casanova, by Andrea Zanzotto Alfredo de Palchi, Jonathan Galassi, Paolo Valesio
1999 Fellowship Geoffrey Brock[14] Disaffections: Complete Poems 1930–1950, by Cesare Pavese Alfredo de Palchi, Jonathan Galassi, William Jay Smith
1998 Book Prize Michael Palma[15] The Man I Pretend to Be: The Colloquies and Selected Poems of Guido Gozzano Alfredo de Palchi, Jonathan Galassi, William Jay Smith
1997 Fellowship Anthony Molino Esercizi di tiptologia, by Valerio Magrelli Alfredo de Palchi, Jonathan Galassi, Rosanna Warren
1996 Book Prize W. S. Di Piero This Strange Joy: Selected Poems of Sandro Penna Alfredo de Palchi, Jonathan Galassi, Rosanna Warren