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This is a list of the major public architectural sculpture of German sculptor Otto Lessing (1846–1912). Paintings and private commissions are not (yet) included.

Year Project Location
1870 Figure Gladiator
1873 Ethnological Museum of Berlin, dome decorations and vestibule mosaics Niederkirchnerstraße/Stresemann-Straße, Berlin (demolished)
1875–1878 Reich Chancellory participation in the reconstruction Wilhelmstraße 77, Berlin (demolished)
1875–1877 Palais Borsig, figures of engineers and inventors on the facade, with sculptors Reinhold Begas, Erdmann Encke and Emil Hundrieser Voßstraße 1, Berlin (demolished)
1877 Palais Strousberg, stucco reliefs Wilhelmstraße 70, Berlin (demolished)
1877 Café Bauer interiors Unter den Linden 26/Friedrichstraße 85a, Berlin (demolished)
1877–1881 Martin-Gropius-Bau, town coat of arms and figurative friezes Niederkirchnerstraße 7, Berlin
1877–1881 Zeughaus sculptures and bronze doors Berlin (not preserved)
1878–1880 Reich Justice Ministry sculptures Voßstraße 4–5, Berlin (demolished)
1878–1884 Technische Hochschule zu Charlottenburg decorative architectural features, Charlottenburg, Berlin
1880–1881 Deutscher Dom attic portals and an interior relief of the Acts of the Apostles Berlin
1882–1884 Neues Gewandhaus architectural sculptures Leipzig (demolished)
1884–1894 Reichstag allegories of agriculture and cattle breeding on the SW Tower; decorative vases on the cornices; bias reliefs of heraldic representations of the four German Kingdoms of Bavaria, Prussia, Württemberg, and Saxony; Berlin
1886–1890 Lessing Monument Großer Tiergarten, Berlin
1886 Sculpture group Mutter und Kind
1887–1891 Imperial Patent Office architectural sculptures Luisenstraße 32–34, Berlin
1888–1889 Salon Railway car on the Imperial train of Wilhelm II
1888–1895 Imperial Courts Building, exterior Gable, Tympanum, sculptures, and group of figures Damnation and Salvation on the staircases Leipzig (reconstructed in plaster)
1891–1895 Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche architectural sculptures, figures of Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon in the choir (destroyed), Tympanum of Saint George over the Emperor's entrance Breitscheidplatz, Berlin
1892–1894 Berlin City Palace ceiling reliefs in the new White Hall Schloßplatz, Berlin (demolished)
1893 Marble group Bacchantin mit Amor
1894 Marble half figure Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke
1894 Marble half figure Ludwig Knaus
1894–1905 Berliner Dom scenic reliefs on the three main doors Berlin
1895–1896 Bust of Wolfgang Müller von KönigswinterKönigswinter
1896–1901 Stadtbad Kreuzberg architectural sculpture Baerwaldstraße 64–68, Berlin
1897 Berliner Stadtschloss bronze reliefs of Frederich I and Frederich II Berlin (demolished)
1897–1900 Neuer Marstall architectural sculpture Prometheus with the Oceanids and Perseus and Andromeda on the north side Schloßplatz 7, Berlin
1899–1902 Stadtbad Prenzlauer Berg architectural sculpture Oderbergerstraße 57–59, Berlin
1900 W. Spindler commercial building, architectural sculpture Leipziger Straße 42, Berlin
1900 Statue of Albert Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg and busts of Werner von der Schulenburg and Ludwig von Eyb Siegesallee, Berlin
1900 Equestrian statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I Hildesheim (melted)
1901–1903 Spindlershof Wallstraße 9–13, Berlin
1901–1904 Lessingbrücke bronze reliefs and ornamental pillars Berlin
1902–1903 Roland Fountain Kemperplatz, Berlin (demolished)
1902–1903 Hercules Fountain Lützowplatz, Berlin (demolished)
1903–1904 William Shakespeare Monument Weimar
1903–1910 Kaiser-Wilhelm-Akademie architectural sculptures Invalidenstraße 48–49, Berlin
1903–1914 Berlin State Library allegorical representations, with Robert Schirmer and Constantin Starck Berlin
1904–1905 Konzerthaus Berlin participation in the rebuilding Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
1904 Prussian House of Lords Tympanum, figures Nährstand and Wehrstand Leipziger Straße, Berlin
1907 Bust of Joseph Joachim
1910 St. Michaelis Church, Hamburg pulpit, organ, choir, and stucco ornamentation Hamburg
1912 Monument to Martin Luther Hamburg


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