Listen to the City

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Listen To The City
Directed byRon Mann
Produced byRon Mann
Screenplay byBill Schroder
Music byGordon Deppe
CinematographyRene Ohashi
Edited byElaine Foreman
Release date
Running time
78 minutes

Listen To The City is a 1984 Canadian drama film directed by Ron Mann. Normally a documentary filmmaker, this is Mann's only fictional feature. The film stars P.J. Soles, Jim Carroll, Sandy Horne and Michael Glassbourg. Featured in small or cameo roles are such notable Canadian counter-culture figures as poets bp nichol and Barry Callaghan, politician Jack Layton, playwright Sky Gilbert and radio broadcasters Pete Griffin and Geets Romo.

The movie's score was by Gordon Deppe, who also has a small role in the film. Both Deppe and the film's co-star Sandy Horne were members of the Canadian band Spoons, who had placed several songs on the Canadian pop charts prior to this film's release. Two Spoons songs included on the film's soundtrack -- "Tell No Lies" and "Romantic Traffic" — would become substantial hits in Canada.


Hupar (Jim Carroll) wakes up from a 20-year coma. Disoriented, he soon meets Arete (Sandy Horne), a young poet, and Sophia (P.J. Soles), a TV newswoman. Together, the three team up to expose corporate crime in a crumbling cityscape of the very near future.



Listen To The City
Soundtrack album by
Gordon Deppe; Spoons
GenreScore, New wave, synthpop
LabelReady Records / LR-053
ProducerGordon Deppe,
Nile Rodgers
Spoons chronology
Listen To The City
Bridges Over Borders

The Listen To The City soundtrack album consists of the primarily instrumental score for the film, and was written, produced and performed by Gordon Deppe of the band Spoons. On two tracks, Deppe is joined by Sandy Horne as co-performer and co-composer; Horne co-starred in the film and was also a member of Spoons. Rob Preuss, also of Spoons, assists on these two tracks.

The album's final two tracks are actually performed by (and credited to) the Spoons as a whole. These songs, "Tell No Lies" and "Romantic Traffic", were both issued as singles in Canada. Both charted and are among the band's most well-known hits in that country.

The Listen To The City soundtrack was issued only on LP and cassette and has never been reissued in any format. However, the two Spoons tracks from this album were made available on various "best of" albums, as well as being included as bonus tracks on a CD reissue of the band's 1983 album Talkback. Later, a 2014 digital "30th anniversary" release of "Romantic Traffic"/"Tell No Lies" also included the two Deppe/Horne collaborative tracks as bonus material.

Track listing[edit]

1."Theme For A City (Opening Credits)"DeppeGordon Deppe2:46
2."Something Not Quite Right"DeppeGordon Deppe4:00
3."Sundown"Deppe, HorneGordon Deppe, Sandy Horne4:29
4."Then As Now"DeppeGordon Deppe1:16
5."A New World"DeppeGordon Deppe1:30
6."Take Me Walking"Deppe, HorneGordon Deppe, Sandy Horne3:44
7."Walk Into The Wind"DeppeGordon Deppe2:08
8."Until Tomorrow (Closing Credits)"DeppeGordon Deppe2:07
9."Romantic Traffic"Deppe, PreussSpoons3:34
10."Tell No Lies"DeppeSpoons4:11 Total 29:45


Tracks 1-8[edit]

  • Gordon Deppe - all instruments, except
  • Sandy Horne - vocals, bass guitar on 3 and 6
  • Rob Preuss - keyboards and rhythm machine on 3 and 6
Production personnel, tracks 1-8[edit]
  • Produced by Gordon Deppe
  • Engineered by Rick Lightheart and Brian Hewson
  • Recorded and mixed at Sound Path Studios, Oakville, Ontario

Tracks 9-10[edit]

  • Gordon Deppe - vocals, guitar
  • Sandy Horne - bass, vocals
  • Rob Preuss - electronic keyboards and piano
  • Derrick Ross - drums
Production personnel, tracks 9-10[edit]


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