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The company began as a subsidiary of The Litchfield Company in the 1960s, and was founded by A. Foster McKissick in the Southeastern U.S.. The theatre chain, however, did not last very long before Mr. McKissick had to sell the company in the late 1960s. The theatre chain was born again in 1976 when it was again operating in the Southeastern United States as Litchfield Theatres. This time the company lasted until the late 1980s when Mr. McKissick was forced to sell not only the theatre chain, but also its parent company, The Litchfield Company. The theatre chain was sold to United Artists Theaters (which itself was sold to Regal Entertainment Group in 1999), and The Litchfield Company was sold to a real estate group in Pawley's Island South Carolina. The Litchfield Company has continued to exist, but the theatre chain has not been revived.

A. Foster McKissick died in a plane crash in 1990.[1]

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