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LitFire Publishing
Litfire publishing.png
LitFire Publishing logo
Status Active
Founded 2008
Headquarters location Atlanta, Georgia
Nonfiction topics Thriller, horror, religious, inspiration, crime mystery, historical, poetry, business, personal finance, and self-help, how-to
Fiction genres Science fiction, fantasy
Official website

LitFire Publishing is an Atlanta-based provider of a wide range of book self-publishing services, including design, editorial, marketing etc.[1] Founded in 2008, it started out as a publisher of eBooks.[2]


LitFire Publishing initially started out as a publisher of digital books. They have published over a hundred titles before they expanded their services in 2014, wherein they started offering writers the option to self-publish their books. They now help indie authors to self-publish books in physical form (paperback and hardcover) and in digital form (eBook).[3][4]

Book publishing and marketing services[edit]

LitFire offers a print-on-demand service for authors who want printed copies of their book.[5] For digital publishing, authors are offered services like eBook publishing, eBook conversion, and eBook distribution.[6]

They sell publishing services for books from various categories like thriller/horror, science fiction/fantasy, religious/inspiration, crime mystery, children's book, historical, poetry, business/personal finance, and self-help/how-to. Other book genres that LitFire accepts are autobiography, biography, juvenile fiction, translated work, and western.[7]


As part of Sponsor a Youth Program, LitFire recently gives young authors the opportunity to have their stories signed by a legitimate publisher. Among the many entries, LitFire gave the spot to Barky the Mouse, inspired by 6-year-old kindergartener Carson Stanley. The book which tells the story of a mouse and a cheese-stealing monster—and a more profound theme about forgiveness—started off as an e-book and was later sponsored by LitFire Publishing through a book signing event, where copies of the book were donated to the whole class.[8]


Writer Beware, a publishing industry watchdog group sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, compares LitFire's sales tactics ("cold call solicitations, hard-sell tactics...expensive publishing packages with silly names, absurdly overpriced 'marketing' services") to the methods employed by the much-criticized Author Solutions, and has documented that "at least four of LitFire's 'consultants'...are or were employees of Author Solutions imprints." Writer Beware also points out that there is no trace of the "over a hundred titles" claimed in Litfire's description.


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