Little Longnose

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Little Longnose
Original poster
Directed byIlya Maximov
Produced bySergey Selyanov
Written byWilhelm Hauff (story)
StarringAlbert Asadullin
Yelena Shulman
Yevgeniya Igumnova
Natalya Danilova
Igor Shibanov
Music byValentin Vasenkov
Release date
March 20, 2003 (Russia)
March 21, 2004 (United States)
April 21, 2004 (EU)
Running time
79 min

Little Longnose (Russian: Ка́рлик Нос, Karlik Nos) is a Russian traditionally animated feature film directed by Ilya Maximov, made by Melnitsa Animation Studio. It opened in Russia on March 20, 2003, and had 375,000 admissions during its theatrical run. A computer game based on the film was produced by Melnitsa, K-D Labs, and 1C.


The film is a loose adaptation of the fairy tale "Der Zwerg Nase" (German for "The Dwarf [called] Nose") written by Wilhelm Hauff.

Jacob, the son of a shoemaker, refuses to do a favour for an evil witch. In retaliation, she takes away seven years of his life and turns him into an ugly dwarf. At the same time the King's daughter Princess Greta is turned into a goose by the same witch after she discovers her in her father's library stealing a spell which will help her rule the kingdom. Jacob and Greta meet and plan to overthrow the witch and get back to their families and true forms.

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