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Little Roe is an island in Yell Sound in the Shetland Islands


The island's name is Norse in origin, from Rauðey Litla, meaning "small red island" in contradistinction to Muckle Roe, which is not nearby, but in St Magnus Bay In 1841, eleven people lived here, all in the same house.[1] A light beacon has been built on the island.

Geography and geology[edit]

The island's name derives from its red granite. It is at 60°29′54″N 1°16′06″W / 60.4982°N 1.2682°W / 60.4982; -1.2682Coordinates: 60°29′54″N 1°16′06″W / 60.4982°N 1.2682°W / 60.4982; -1.2682, due east of the Northmavine at the entrance to Sullom Voe.[2] Lamba is due north, and Uynarey, Brother Isle and Bigga between it and Yell


Otters occasionally visit here, and puffins and storm petrels also nest here.


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