Liudolf, Margrave of Frisia

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Margrave of Frisia
Count of Brunswick
Ceremonial Cross of Count Liudolf, shortly after 1038, German, Lower Saxony, gold with enamel, gems, and pearls over wood core - Cleveland Museum of Art - DSC08522.JPG
Ceremonial Cross for Liudolf of Brunswick, commissioned by his wife shortly after his death in 1038
Born c. 1003
Died 23 April 1038 (aged 34–35)
Noble family Brunonen
Spouse(s) Gertrude of Egisheim
Father Bruno I, Count of Brunswick
Mother Gisela of Swabia

Liudolf of Brunswick (c. 1003 – 23 April 1038) was Margrave of Frisia, Count of Brunswick, Count in the Derlingau and the Gudingau.

Liudolf was a descendant of the Saxon family of the Brunonen. He was a son of Bruno I, Count of Brunswick, and Gisela of Swabia.[1] The later Roman Emperor Henry III was his half-brother. He married Gisela and had four children. He controlled the Frisian counties Oostergo, Zuidergo and Westergo. For two more generations the Brunonen family line inherited the title. How the Brunonen came to their position in the counties is not known. There is a theory that Liudolf took advantage of the reign of violence by the Counts of Holland in the part of Friesland between the Vlie and the Lauwers. Not much is known about his life. He died in 1038 and was succeeded by his son, Bruno II.


Liudolf and Gertrude of Egisheim had the following children:


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