Live in Dublin (Jeff Martin album)

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Live in Dublin
Jeff Martin Live in Dublin.jpg
Live album by Jeff Martin
Released May 7, 2007
Recorded 17 February 2007, The Sugar Club, Dublin, Ireland
Genre Rock
Producer Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin chronology
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Live in Dublin
Live at the Enmore Theatre
(2007)Live at the Enmore Theatre2007

Live in Dublin (2007) is a live album by Canadian singer/songwriter Jeff Martin. The album is a complete recording of a live performance which included many songs written by The Tea Party, numerous covers (complete, and partial within other songs), as well as Martin's solo compositions.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Bazaar" (The Tea Party cover)
  2. "Requiem" (The Tea Party)
  3. "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen cover)
  4. "I Love you" (Daniel Lanois cover)
  5. "The Messenger" (Daniel Lanois)
  6. "Oceans" (The Tea Party)
  7. "Winter Solstice" (The Tea Party)
  8. "Lament"
  9. "Black Snake Blues"
  10. "In This Time" (The Tea Party)
  11. "The Kingdom"
  12. "Sister Awake" (The Tea Party)


  • Jeff Martin - Vocals, guitar, production, mixing at Science Friction Studios
  • Wayne P. Sheehy - Drums and percussion
  • Roy Harper - Assistant mixing
  • Pat O'Donnell - Mastering at Quillroad Studios
  • Ian O Donaghue - Sound Engineering at The Sugar Club, 17 February 2007
  • Publishing - JMartin Music (SOCAN)
  • Marco Holtappel - Artwork


The album can only be purchased at Martin's live shows or from his website.

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