Ljubo Wiesner

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Tin Ujević, Krešo Kovačić, and Ljubo Wiesner in 1911

Ljubo Wiesner (February 2, 1885 in Zagreb – July 3, 1951) was a Croatian poet. He was a follower of Antun Gustav Matoš's work.[1]

He founded the publications Grič, Kritika and Savremenik.[2] His introduction to Hrvatska mlada lirika in 1914 defined the poetic style of the followers of Matoš.[1] Wiesner was also active musically, and played gusle.[3] Wiesner translated foreign poetry into Croatian, including works by Walt Whitman.[4] He was an editor of Mate Ujević's Croatian Encyclopedia.[5]

During World War II he worked on the Berlin-based Suradnja.[6] From 1948, until his death he lived in Rome at the Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome, where he organized the Vatican's radio program in Croatian.[2]


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