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Llafur (Labour in Welsh) – the full name of which is Llafur: The Welsh People's History Society – was founded in 1970 as Llafur: the Society for the Study of Welsh Labour History to promote the study of the history of the working people of Wales. Its main activities are the publication of the journal Llafur and a number of individual books. The Society also organises regular day schools and events to engage a wider audience with Welsh People's History.

Llafur has several stated aims.[1]

Our aims include the following:

  • bringing together those interested in the history of the working class and its organisations, unions, co-operative societies or political bodies
  • publishing an annual journal - Llafur
  • promoting people’s history by working with other groups and organisations
  • encouraging, helping, organising and developing such interest throughout the labour movement in Wales

Llafur: the journal of the Society for the Study of Welsh Labour History is published in annual parts (four parts to a volume) and contains scholarly articles and book reviews relating to labour and people's history. The journal is included in the Welsh Journals Online project at the National Library of Wales.

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