Loch McNess

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Loch McNess
Wagardu Lark
Yanchep Lake
Yanchep sunset.jpg
Sunset over Loch McNess
LocationSwan Coastal Plain, Western Australia
Coordinates31°32′S 115°40′E / 31.533°S 115.667°E / -31.533; 115.667Coordinates: 31°32′S 115°40′E / 31.533°S 115.667°E / -31.533; 115.667
Basin countriesAustralia
DesignationYanchep National Park
Max. depth3.4 m (11 ft)

Loch McNess, also known as Yanchep Lake, is a freshwater lake located near Yanchep in the northern part of the coastal plain of Perth, Western Australia. Loch McNess is part of the Wanneroo wetlands, a chain of lakes, and is part of the Yanchep National Park. Water from the lake is used to refill the underground lakes in some nearby caves.[2]


The lake is named after Sir Charles McNess, a wealthy Western Australian philanthropist.

Galaxiidae (fish) and Gilgies (freshwater crayfish) are endemic to the region.[3] Introduced species include mosquitofish (Gambusia).

CSIRO study nutrients and plankton in the lake.[4]

The lake is also known as Wagardu Lark by the Nyoongar aboriginals[5] and along with the caves is of significant cultural importance.[6]

Since European colonisation of the area and specifically with the building of Gloucester Lodge on its shores in 1933[7] it has traditionally been used for boating outings. There is no longer sufficient water in the lake for boating.

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