Loch Veyatie

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Loch Veyatie
Location Scotland
Coordinates 58°4′30″N 5°5′20″W / 58.07500°N 5.08889°W / 58.07500; -5.08889Coordinates: 58°4′30″N 5°5′20″W / 58.07500°N 5.08889°W / 58.07500; -5.08889
Primary outflows Uidh Fheàrna
Basin countries United Kingdom
Max. depth 30 m (98 ft)

Loch Veyatie (Gaelic: Loch Mheathadaidh) is a large body of water in north-west Scotland. It stretches for 6 km north-westwards from the settlement of Elphin, and lies between Suilven and Cùl Mòr. It reaches depths of around 30 m.

The boundary between Ross-shire and Sutherland (and therefore between the parishes of Lochbroom and Assynt) runs the length of the loch.

Well known for its trout (including ferox) and charr, it is a popular destination for anglers. Run-off from a salmon hatchery at the eastern end of the loch attracts large fish, including, unusually, charr, into its main feeder river, the Abhainn Mhòr.

Loch Veyatie is drained at its western end by Uidh Fheàrna, a channel of slow-moving water leading into Fionn-loch.