Lockram Brook

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Lockram Brook
Country England
Counties Berkshire
Districts / Boroughs Wokefield Parish, Burghfield Parish
 - left Burghfield Brook
Villages Mortimer
 - location Mortimer, Berkshire, United Kingdom
 - coordinates 51°22′47″N 1°04′09″W / 51.379626°N 1.069155°W / 51.379626; -1.069155
Mouth Foudry Brook
 - location Grazeley Green, Berkshire, United Kingdom
 - elevation 40 m (131 ft)
 - coordinates 51°24′27″N 1°00′14″W / 51.407532°N 1.003779°W / 51.407532; -1.003779Coordinates: 51°24′27″N 1°00′14″W / 51.407532°N 1.003779°W / 51.407532; -1.003779

Lockram Brook is a small stream in southern England. It rises near the Berkshire village of Mortimer within various areas of woodland and farmland, including Wokefield Common, Starvale Woods and Lukin's Wood. It travels North East towards Wokefield, passing under Lockrams Lane near Wokefield Farm. There is a pleasant valley here where the brook is dammed to form a small body of water known as Millbarn Pond. Travelling further North East through Rookery Wood and passing under Goring Lane, it merges with Burghfield Brook at St.James Farm in Grazeley Green. The watercourse is particularly liable to flooding and has been the subject of discussion at West Berkshire Council meetings.[1]

After merging with Burghfield Brook it is not clear as to which name the brook takes for the remainder of its journey, it continues a mile or so to the North East, skirting past AWE Burghfield, and under Burnthouse Bridge, before merging with the much larger Foudry Brook near Burnthouse Farm.