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Logoplaste is a Portuguese company, producing rigid plastic containers.

Logoplaste was incorporated in 1976, pioneering in-house manufacturing in Europe, with the “Hole in the Wall” concept. ("Hole in the Wall" is industry jargon, describing the process of building the plant that manufactures a product's plastic packaging immediately next door to the plant where it is manufactured, as an addition to their building, reducing shipping costs.) Managing 63 plants today, Logoplaste is headquartered in Cascais.


  • 1976 – Start of the operations with Yoplait (yoghurts) and Nestlé (caps)
  • 1980 – First large scale PVC operation in mineral water (Luso)
  • 1989 – First PET operation with Coca-Cola in Portugal
  • 1993 – First thin wall operation with Unilever in Portugal
  • 1994 - Logoplaste goes International in Spain, with mineral waters
  • 1995 – Start up of the Brazilian operation with Danone
  • 1997 – Logoplaste enters the French market with an in-house plant operation for Coke and the first PET pre-form plant is started in Portugal, producing today over 900 million units per year
  • 1998 – Logoplaste arrives in the UK market, with one large plant for Procter & Gamble. A similar plant for P&G is installed in Barcelona, Spain
  • 2000 – A complex factory, incorporating injection and blowing of PET pre-forms is installed near London, producing Fairy Liquid bottles for the whole of Europe
  • 2002 - LOGOPLASTE creates ILAB (LOGOPLASTE Innovation Lab). This structure concentrates activities of development for the group. Headquarters in Cascais/Portugal
  • 2002 – Start up of the manufacturing of aseptic packages for UHT Milk in France and large size packages for Automotive Lubricants in Brazil
  • 2003 – Start up of operations in Italy, with a large implant[clarification needed] for Unilever household care products
  • 2004 - Start up of operations with Arla Foods, in Leeds, manufacturing bottles for one of the most modern fresh milk factory in Europe.
  • 2006 - Start of operations in North America with the purchase from Tetrapak of the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada blowing facility making flavoured milk and coffee additives bottles for the Neilson dairy.
  • 2007 - Second North American plant in operation producing edible oil bottles for Sovena USA.
  • 2009 - Start of operations in Vancouver and Edmonton Canada, manufacturing various HDPE milk jugs.
  • 2010 - Start of operations in Coleford, Wales, producing PET products for GSK
  • - Creates ILAB USA. Development Branch of ILAB that will support activities of development in North America
  • 2011 - LOGOPLASTE signs contracts for Vietnam. LOGOPLASTE has now 61 plants worldwide.
  • - Creates ILAB Brazil. Development Branch for Brazil and Latin America

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