Long Distance (The Kinks song)

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"Long Distance"
Song by The Kinks from the album State of Confusion
Released 10 June 1983
Recorded September 1982 - March 1983 at Konk Studios, London
Genre Rock
Length 5:23
Label Arista Records
Writer Ray Davies
Producer Ray Davies
State of Confusion track listing
"Long Distance"

"Long Distance" is a song by the British rock band The Kinks, appearing on some editions of their 1983 album, State of Confusion. The song was written by Ray Davies, the band's singer and main songwriter.


Despite not appearing on the LP version of State of Confusion, "Long Distance" (as well as another track, "Noise") appeared cassette versions of said album. In 1984, it was released as one of the two B-sides on the "Do It Again" single in Germany (the other being "Guilty.") The song then appeared on both the LP and CD editions of the 1986 compilation album Come Dancing with The Kinks as the 13th track on the LP version and the 11th track on the CD version. Since then, it has made an appearance on the compilation album Picture Book and the box set, The Arista Years.


"Long Distance" has generally received positive reviews from critics. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic praised the track as "wistful pop," and went on to call it a "terrific obscurity."[1][2] Rolling Stone critic Parke Puterbaugh hailed the song as "astonishingly Dylanesque," and went on to say that "there's no excuse for omitting ['Long Distance' from the LP version of State of Confusion.]"[3]


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