Long Vacations of 36

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Long Vacations of 36
Las largas vacaciones del 36.jpg
Spanish film poster
Directed by Jaime Camino
Produced by José Frade
Written by Jaime Camino
Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
Starring Concha Velasco
José Sacristán
Francisco Rabal
Ángela Molina
Music by Xavier Montsalvatge
Cinematography Fernando Arribas
Edited by Teresa Alcocer
Release date
October 28, 1976, Spain
Running time
102 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Long Vacations of 36 (Spanish: Las largas vacaciones del 36) is a 1976 Spanish drama film directed by Jaime Camino dealing with the effects of Spanish Civil War on a bourgeois family trapped by the conflict in a tourist village near Barcelona.

The film won three awards at the 26th Berlin International Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize, Interfilm Award - Recommendation, and UNICRIT Award - Honorable Mention.[1]

The original ending (Franco's cavalry entry in the village, intentionally showed as a blurred image) was cut by Spanish censorship of that time. The film ends with all the Republicans marching to exile, and the fascist couple waiting at home.


In the summer of 1936, the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, a bourgeois family with many children, spending their holiday near Barcelona, tries to remain neutral between the Republicans and the supporters of General Francisco Franco. But the war change the lives of all.



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