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Looe Music Festival
LMF 2015 Fireworks.jpg
The beach stage in 2015
Location(s)Looe, Cornwall, England
Years active2011–present

Looe Music Festival is a not-for-profit[1] music festival that takes place in the fishing town of Looe during a weekend in September.[2] The festival starts on Friday and lasts for three days. Originally there were three venues all around Looe – this has increased to five in 2016. Along with the official venues, bands and musicians play in various pubs and restaurants around the town during the weekend.

In 2018, the 'charity' that took over the running of the festival ripped off a bunch of innocent festival goers and continued to sell tickets despite being in financial difficulty and dissolving the organisation on 30 January 2018. They cancelled the festival on 3 September 2018, hiding behind the protection offered by entering into administration and refusing to offer refunds.

The local people of Looe came to the rescue and raised over £40,000 with the support of local businesses to put on a replacement festival. A number of acts continued to support the festival and committed to still perform, despite the original festival being cancelled and the greedy board members of Looe Music Festival Ltd. pocketing their money.


Looe Music Festival was started in 2011 by members of the Looe community and took place between 23 and 25 September. It received a great response from the public and has grown to become one of the town's biggest attractions.

In November 2017 Cornwall Live contacted the organisers of the festival after being told by several artists that they had not been paid for their performances last year. Looe Music Festival Ltd was dissolved on 30 January. It had been incorporated on 26 August 2016.


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