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Lord Intruder (born Winston O'Conner) was a calypsonian from Tobago who was active in the 1950s.[1]

He is known to have performed with the Trinidadian calypso tent The Original Young Brigade (OYB), whose ranks included The Mighty Sparrow, Lord Melody and The Mighty Bomber.[2]

He is credited with originating one of the most famous calypso standards, "Jumbie Jamberie", variously recorded as "Zombie Jamboree" and "Back to Back." [3] He performed "Jumbie Jamboree" at the Old Brigade Calypso Tent in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1953.[4]

Partial discography[edit]

  • "Annual Walking Race," b/w "Is by Animal Motor Car was Invented" (c. 1953)
  • "Disaster with the Police," b/w "Jumbie Jamberie" (1953)
  • "Good Friday Happenings," b/w "Ah Can't Bear the Torture" (1954)
  • "Ashe's Experience in a Walking Race," b/w "Some People Does Get to Resemble They Work" (1954)
  • "Advantage in Room Renting" (with OYB, 1955)
  • "Destruction of Hurricane Janet", b/w "Doctor Shop Scandal" (1956)


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