Lorenzo Pareto

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Lorenzo Pareto

Lorenzo Nicolò Pareto (Genoa, 6 December 1800 – Genoa, 19 June 1865) was an Italian geologist and statesman.

As a man of science, he is considered one of the fathers of modern geology. A member of the Italian National Academy of Sciences, he is credited with naming the Villafranchian age,[1] a European land mammal age between 3 and 2 million years ago overlapping the end of the Pliocene era and beginning of the Pleistocene era.[2]

As a politician, he is remembered as a member of Giovine Italia and a patriot during the period of Italian unification. He was the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the 2nd and 3rd legislatures of Kingdom of Sardinia,[3] and served as foreign minister in the cabinet of Italian writer and statesman Cesare Balbo, first constitutional prime minister of Piedmont.[4][5]


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