Los Cacicazgos

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Los Cacicazgos
Los Cacicazgos is located in the Dominican Republic
Los Cacicazgos
Los Cacicazgos
Coordinates: 18°30′N 69°59′W / 18.500°N 69.983°W / 18.500; -69.983Coordinates: 18°30′N 69°59′W / 18.500°N 69.983°W / 18.500; -69.983
Country Dominican Republic
Province Distrito Nacional
 • Mayor Roberto Salcedo
Population (2008)
 • Total 15,725
Time zone UTC-4 UTC
 • Summer (DST) UTCNone
Website http://www.adn.gov.do/

Los Cacicazgos (from Spanish, meaning 'The Caciquedoms') is a borough of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. This is the city's most opulent borough; the Anacaona Avenue has the most expensive price per in the country.[1][2] Los Cacicazgos is in particular populated by individuals from the upper class.

Its limits are: to the north, Renacimiento; to the east, Mirador Sur; to the south, South Vantage Point Park and beyond it, Buenos Aires; to the west, Herrera (in the Province of Santo Domingo).


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