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"Los Hermanos" (English: The Brothers) is a poetic folk song composed and first performed by Argentine nueva canción singer Atahualpa Yupanqui.

Song information[edit]

"Los Hermanos" is often considered a protest song. Some claim it criticizes the dictatorship of the Latin American countries, done to secure the fidelity of the region to the United States and, - by doing that -, avoiding undesirable leftist governments. That can be perceived on the song lyrics, which is an ode to fraternity and freedom with an implicit urge for Latin American union:

Though some[who?] take it as political, others[who?] contend that it has a broader universal appeal, with its verses about the common Argentine man, recognizing the others by the look in their eyes and realizing the difficulties they face in everyday life.

Cover versions[edit]

There are more than 25 versions of this song.[1]

Probably the best known cover version is that of Mercedes Sosa. She covered the song on her 1972 album 'Hasta la Victoria' and again on her 1977 album 'Mercedes Sosa Interpreta a Atahualpa Yupanqui', its version changes the word "novia" (bride) for "hermana" (sister), so she sings "...and (I have) a sister very beautiful that is called Freedom".

The widely acclaimed Brazilian MPB singer Elis Regina recorded "Los Hermanos" for her 1976 studio album Falso Brilhante. The singer was noted for being an avid critic of the Brazilian dictatorship government (while being interviewed in Europe, she said that the country was being run by "gorillas").

Also Alfredo Zitarrosa on his 1973 album 'En La Argentina'.

In 1983, Greek singer Dimitra Galani covered it on her LP Endless Road.


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