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Losada may refer to:


  • Antón Losada Diéguez (1884–1929), writer, Spanish politician, member of the Irmandades da Fala of Ourense
  • Alberto Losada (born 1982), Spanish former road bicycle racer who competed professionally
  • Carolina Soto Losada, the High Presidential Counsellor for Government, Private Sector and Competitiveness of Colombia
  • Diego de Losada (1511–1569), Spanish conquistador and the founder of Santiago de León de Caracas, capital of Venezuela
  • Diego de Quiroga y Losada, the acting Governor of Spanish Florida 1687–1693
  • Diego Losada (born 1972), Uruguayan former basketball player
  • Eloy Tato Losada, (born 1923), Spanish born prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Endika Bordas Losada (born 1982), former Spanish professional footballer
  • Euriamis Losada (born 1983), Cuban American actor
  • Hernán Losada (born 1982), retired Argentine professional football
  • Isabel Losada, British writer and former actress, singer, dancer, and TV producer
  • Jessi Losada, American sportscaster of Cuban descent
  • Joan Losada (born 1992), Spanish rugby sevens player
  • José Manuel Losada (born 1962), professor and literary theorist specializing in myth criticism and comparative literature
  • Juan Armada y Losada (1861–1932), Spanish politician
  • Julio Losada (born 1950), former Uruguayan footballer most notable for his time spent at Greek club Olympiacos
  • Manuel Hermida Losada (1924–2005), known as Hermidita, Spanish former footballer
  • Marcial Losada (born 1939), Chilean psychologist, consultant, director of the Center for Advanced Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Mario Losada, Argentine politician, who served as senator and president of the UCR
  • Nahuel Losada (born 1993), Argentinian professional association football player
  • Roberto Losada (born 1976), Spanish retired footballer
  • Sebastián Losada (born 1967), Spanish retired footballer
  • Vicky Losada (born 1991), Spanish football midfielder



  • Losada, a genus of wasps
  • Losada Line, Critical positivity ratio or Losada ratio, largely discredited concept in positive psychology
  • Editorial Losada, traditional Argentine publishing house founded in 1938

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