Lost and Found (2008 film)

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Lost and Found
Lost and Found 2008.jpg
Directed by Ma Liwen
Produced by Han Sanping
Wu Kebo
Written by Liu Zhenyun
Starring Li Yixiang
Liu Xinyi
Chen Jin
Li Qiang
Music by Chen Yufan
Cinematography Wu Di
Edited by Zhan Haihong
Distributed by China Film Promotion International
Release date
  • January 18, 2008 (2008-01-18)
Running time
89 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

Lost and Found (simplified Chinese: 我叫刘跃进; traditional Chinese: 我叫劉躍進; pinyin: Wǒ jiào Liù Yùejìn) is a 2008 Chinese black comedy film and the third feature film directed by Ma Liwen. The film was based on the novel, I am Liu Yuejin by Liu Zhenyun and tells the story of a down-on-his-luck migrant cook who loses his life savings while in Beijing.[1] The film is also known by the original Chinese title I am Liu Yuejin.[2] The novel was published a mere three months before the film was released.[3]

The film received a domestic opening in China in January 2008 before making limited appearances at various film festivals and screening events.[2]

Lost and Found stars Li Yixiang, as the main role of Liu Yuejin though the film also boasts several cameos by Chinese filmmakers including Chen Daming (the director of Manhole) and Gao Qunshu (the director of The Tokyo Trial). It was partially produced by the state-subsidized China Film Group.[2]


Liu Yuejin (Li Yixiang), is a migrant worker from Henan eking out and existence in Beijing as a cook at a construction site. One day, he is asked by his boss, Yan (Liu Xinyi) to help concoct a fake alibi for him regarding a potential scandal with an actress. Things take a turn for the worse however, when his reward along with the rest of his money is stolen. Also stolen is an IOU for ¥60,000 owed to a man who has taken Liu's wife. When the thief ends up breaking into the home of Yan and his wife (Chen Jin), he steals a disc full of compromising material. This brings down upon Liuy private investigators, mobsters, and others. Into this mess, Liu's son and girlfriend (Zhang Zhiwei and Wang Man) come asking for money...



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