Lost at Sea (Bounding Main album)

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Lost at Sea
Lost at Sea.jpg
Studio album by Bounding Main
Released 2005
Genre Sea Shanties
Producer Bounding Main
Bounding Main chronology
Maiden Voyage
Lost At Sea
Going Overboard

Lost at Sea is the second album by Bounding Main, released in 2005. It was recorded at SurroundinSoundStudio near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It features historic and contemporary maritime music as well original lyrics for historic tunes.


Lost at Sea cements the group in the maritime genre. The album includes traditional melodies known throughout the world as well as maritime music from contemporary composers. For the first time, original lyrics were included in this album as well as a hidden track. The group felt that a mix of traditional and contemporary music is important to bring new fans to an iconic type of folk music.

The album's front cover depicts the group in a canoe and lost in a cow pasture. The CD's title demonstrates the group's playful nature. It was designed by Dean Calin, Christie Dalby and Gina Dalby, all members of the group. The group is shown standing in a canoe with an upside-down map, and each singer pointing in a different direction. The background features cows in a pasture. The Bounding Main logo is shown at the top of cover. The photos were taken in Lake County, Illinois, at the home of one of the members. The CD features the singers in a pyramid formation on the right with a cow on the left. The background is a Midwestern field.

Track listing[edit]

  1. High Barbaree
  2. Haul Away, Joe
  3. Marching Inland
  4. Herzogin Cecile
  5. Bully in the Alley
  6. Northwest Passage
  7. Little Boy Billie
  8. Capital Ship
  9. Irish Rover
  10. The Dreadnaught
  11. Cape Cod Girls
  12. Cadgwith Anthem
  13. All For Me Grog
  14. Randy Dandy Oh
  15. All For Me Grog (hidden track)


  • Dean Calin - Tenor
  • Christie Dalby - Alto
  • Gina Dalby - Alto
  • Maggie Hannington - Alto
  • Jonathan Krivitzky - Tenor
  • David Yondorf - Baritone


  • Producers: Bounding Main
  • Recording: SurroundinSoundStudio, Wisconsin
  • Mixing: SurroundinSoundStudio, Wisconsin
  • Engineer: Jonathan Leubner, SurroundinSoundStudio
  • Cover Design: Dean Calin, Christie Dalby, Gina Dalby
  • Photography: Bounding Main