Loud Speaker

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For other uses, see Loudspeaker (disambiguation).
Loud Speaker
Written by John Howard Lawson
Date premiered March 2, 1927 (1927-03-02)
Place premiered New Playwrights' Theatre
Original language English
Genre Modernist farce

Loud Speaker is a play by American playwright John Howard Lawson. It was first produced by the New Playwrights' Theatre at the 52nd Street Theatre in New York, opening on March 2 1927. Harry Wagstaff Gribble directed, Mordecai Gorelik designed the sets, Eugene L. Berton composed its music, and Leonard Sillman choreographed its dances.


  • Harry U. Collins
  • Peterson
  • Emma Collins
  • Maid
  • Clare Collins
  • Josephus
  • Johnnie Dunne
  • Floradora Finnigan
  • A Stranger with a Beard
  • Dorothy Dunne
  • Armenian Iky
  • 1st Reporter
  • 2nd Reporter
  • 3rd Reporter
  • 1st Photographer
  • 2nd Photographer
  • The Harlem Committee
  • The Imperial Serenaders


  • Lawson, John Howard. 1927. Loud Speaker: A Farce. New York: The Macaulay Company.

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