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Louisa Leaman

Louisa Leaman (born 24 June 1976) is a London based author.

Fiction: For the past five years Louisa has co-written a best-selling children's series for a well-known celebrity. She has recently completed a YA novel under her own name, entitled Rain In My Heart.

Non fiction: In 2004 she won a writing competition in the Times Educational Supplement.[1] This led to a publishing deal with Continuum International Publishing (now Bloomsbury), for whom she wrote five teaching/behaviour management guides. She has contributed to a number of journals, magazines and newspapers, including a weekly column for the Times Education Supplement Magazine.


  • Managing Very Challenging Behaviour (2005)
  • Managing Very Challenging Behaviour - second edition (2009)
  • Classroom Confidential (2005)
  • The Naked Teacher (2006)
  • Dictionary of Disruption (2007)
  • The Perfect Teacher (2008)



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