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The Louisville-Herald Post
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)James Buckner Brown, 1925-1930;
bankruptcy receiver 1930-1931;
John B. Gallagher
Walter H. Girdler
Ceased publication1936
HeadquartersLouisville, KY

The Louisville Herald-Post was a newspaper that was published in Louisville, Kentucky.


The Herald-Post was created in 1925 from the merging of the old Louisville Herald and Louisville Post newspapers. Louisville financier James Buckner Brown[1] sought to operate the paper as a counter to the positions of the Bingham newspapers the Louisville Times and the Courier-Journal. The Louisville Post's former editor Lewis Craig Humphrey became associate editor of the Louisville Herald-Post.

Brown invested nearly five million dollars in the combined newspapers.[2]

Bankruptcy and new ownership[edit]

Brown lost his fortune in 1930 when his bank holding company BancoKentucky failed. After the BancoKentucky's failure, Brown had to reduce the newspapers expenditures and it suffered in quality as a result.[3]

John B. Gallagher[edit]

In December 1930 The Herald-Post was put into bankruptcy.[4] John B. Gallagher, a New York City advertiser purchased the newspaper in a bankruptcy receiver's sale for $315,000.[5]

Walter H. Girdler[edit]

Walter H. Girdler, Sr. President of Girdler Corporation purchased a large portion of the stock in The Herald-Post in 1933 and took over control of the newspaper.

Bankruptcy and closure[edit]

The paper went bankrupt again in 1936 and this time it ceased publication and was closed.[6]

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