Lourdes SIGINT station

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Lourdes SIGINT station
Lourdes SIGINT station is located in Cuba
Lourdes SIGINT station
Lourdes SIGINT station
Coordinates22°59′00″N 82°27′47″W / 22.98333°N 82.46306°W / 22.98333; -82.46306Coordinates: 22°59′00″N 82°27′47″W / 22.98333°N 82.46306°W / 22.98333; -82.46306
Site information
OwnerCuba Government of Cuba
ConditionPartially demolished/converted; scheduled for a reopening
Site history
Built1962 (1962)
In use1962–2002
Garrison information
GarrisonRussia Russian Intelligence (allegedly)[1]
China Chinese Intelligence (allegedly)
Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Minister of Defense Igor Sergeyev, visits the settlement of homes of families of employees of the Lourdes SIGINT station in Cuba, 15 December 2000

The Lourdes SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) facility, located near Havana, Cuba, was the largest facility of its kind operated by Russian foreign intelligence services[2] outside of Russia. Located less than 150 km (93 mi) from Key West, the facility covered 73 km2 (28 sq mi). Construction began in July 1962.

The station closed in August 2002.[3]

All station facilities were shut down, the buildings were abandoned and later reconstructed to become the University of Information Science.

At its peak during the Cold War over 1,500 KGB, GRU, Cuban DGI, and Eastern Bloc technicians, engineers and intelligence operatives staffed the facility. In 2000 it was reported that China signed an agreement with the Cuban government to share use of the facility for its own intelligence agency.[citation needed]

The base closed in 2002. Russia had paid Cuba a $200 million annual subsidy from 1962 to 2002.[4]

In July 2014 reports surfaced that Russia and Cuba had agreed to reopen the facility for usage by Russian intelligence.[5]

In popular culture[edit]

  • The station was briefly mentioned in the April 9, 2017 airing of the NCIS: Los Angeles episode entitled "From Havana with Love"


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