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Directed byKaze Shindō
Written byKaze Shindō
Produced byChikako Nakabayashi
Yukio Watanabe
Kazutoshi Wadakura
StarringChinatsu Okuno
CinematographyKoji Kanaya
Edited byYukio Watanabe
Music byKenichiro Isoda
Distributed byTsunku Town Films
Release date
  • June 1, 2000 (2000-06-01)
Running time
78 minutes

Love/Juice is a 2000 Japanese film directed by Kaze Shindō. This is the debut feature film for Shindō (granddaughter of Kaneto Shindo).[1][2]

Love/Juice received the Wolfgang Staudte Prize for Best Film at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival.[3][4]


Twenty-something lesbian Chinatsu shares a one-bedroom apartment with heterosexual Kyoko. Although Chinatsu and Kyoko have a passing attraction, Kyoko is mostly interested in men, especially one who tends the fish in a pet store, who despite her efforts, doesn't seem to be interested in her.

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Mika Okuno as Chinatsu
  • Chika Fujimura as Kyoko
  • Hidetoshi Nishijima as Sakamoto
  • Toshiya Nagasawa


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