Love Is Love (film)

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Love Is Love
MandarinWàngfū Chénglóng
Directed byTony Leung Siu Hung
Produced byHe Lichang
Written byTut-hei Tang
Kwong Kim Yip
StarringStephen Chow
Suki Kwan
Sandra Ng
Music byLu Guanting
CinematographyZhao Weijian
Release date
  • 15 February 1990 (1990-02-15)
Running time
91 minutes
CountryHong Kong

Love Is Love is a 1990 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Tony Leung Siu Hung and written by Tut-hei Tang and Kwong Kim Yip. The film stars Stephen Chow, Suki Kwan, and Sandra Ng.[1] The film premiered in Hong Kong on 15 February 1990.


Shi Jinshui and Wu Daidi were raised in the countryside and are childhood sweethearts, but Wu Daidi's father is against their marriage. They elope from their hometown and live in urban areas. Shi Jinshui falls in love with his superior and break up with his wife Wu Daidi. Two years later, Shi Jinshui finds himself still in love with Wu Daidi and he decides to find his beloved wife.[2]



The film was released in Hong Kong on 15 February 1990.


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