Love Is a Four Letter Word (TV series)

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Love Is a Four Letter Word
Created by Michael Miller
Shelley Birse
Starring Peter Fenton
Kate Beahan
Leeanna Walsman
Paul Barry
Linal Haft
Matt Doran
Executive producer(s) Tim Pye
Producer(s) Rosemary Blight
Original release January 30 – July 24, 2001

Love Is a Four Letter Word is an Australian drama written by Matt Ford produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2001. It was set and filmed in Newtown, in Sydney, New South Wales, following the lives of a group of friends working in a pub, and the concerns facing urban 20somethings in Australia. One of the regular features of the drama was a performance in the pub by a contemporary Australian band. The program is currently in syndication in the United States on Vibrant TV Network.

Cast and characters[edit]

Featured bands[edit]


love is a four letter word

  • Tracks:

1. Daniel Denholm - Albee's Theme
2. Machine Gun Fellatio - I'm Not Afraid Of Romance
3. pre.shrunk - Sound Pimp
4. The Dumb Earth - Auld Lanxiety Attack
5. The Whitlams - Charlie No 1
6. Jodi Phillis - Waiting, Wanting, Holding
7. Hamish Cowan - I'll Never Grow Up
8. Bernie Hayes - You Made Me Hard
9. Stella One Eleven - The River
10. Endorphin - Free
11. Nitocris - Spouse Killer
12. Sunk Loto - Shiver
13. Lo-Tel - Disconnected (Acoustic Version)
14. Christa Hughes - Carrot Day
15. Felicity Hunter - Angel Fire
16. Bernie Hayes and the Shouties - Long Letter
17. pre.shrunk - Hot Robots
18. Daniel Denholm - Angus's Theme

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Twentysomething a comedy series from 2007 set in Melbourne.

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