Love and Again

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Love and Again
Official poster
Genre Modern drama
Written by Wong Kwok Fai
Ng Lap Kwong
Starring Alex Fong
Sonija Kwok
Moses Chan
Michael Tse
Fiona Yuen
Angela Tong
Leila Tong
Theme music composer Louis Cheung
Opening theme Try Again by Sammi Cheng
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Chong Wai-kin
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
Original release 1 March (2011-03-01) – 26 March 2011 (2011-03-26)
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Love and Again
Traditional Chinese 駁命老公追老婆
Simplified Chinese 驳命老公追老婆
Literal meaning "Husband Chases Wife With All His Might"

Love and Again is a Hong Kong modern drama series produced by TVB starring Alex Fong, Sonija Kwok, Moses Chan, Michael Tse and Fiona Yuen. It was filmed from 2001 to 2002 and premiered overseas in November 2002. Then, it premiered on TVB Pay Vision on 29 March 2004 and ended on 23 April 2004. Later, it premiered on TVB Jade on 1 March 2011 and ended on 26 March.


Lau Fuk Wing (Michael Tse) and Suen Siu Yuet (Sonija Kwok) were a married couple with a child. Due to a car accident caused by Andy Leung Tak Wah (Alex Fong), an arrogant man disliked by those around him, Fuk Wing died and left Siu Yuet in grief.

Fuk Wing's soul refuses to reincarnate due to the feeling of injustice of how he died. So with the help of a ghost Ngau Yat Yat (Fiona Yuen), his soul accidentally enters the body of Tak Wah and once again tries pursue his wife as Tak Wah. As a result, he fails many times in trying to win Siu Yuet over after she finds out that Tak Wah was the one to cause Fuk Wing's death. Even after she is able to forgive that, a new man enters the scene and becomes another love rival to Fuk Wing/Tak Wa: Angus Ying Chun (Moses Chan), her dancing instructor.


The Leung family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Yu Chi Ming (余子明) Leung Kwai Chuen
Leung Tak Wah's father
Alex Fong Leung Tak Wah (Andy)
Star Entertainment Group artiste manager
Leung Kwai Chuen's son
Ying Chun's good friend
Fong Mei Sze's love interest
Died of car accident in episode 1, his bodies was then used by Lau Fuk Wing to come back to life
Near the end, his spirit comes back to life in a body resembling Lau Fuk Wing and pretends to be him

The Lau family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Teresa Ha (夏萍) Chiu Lai King
Lau Fuk Wing and Lau Fuk Mui's mother
Michael Tse Lau Fuk Wing
Fuk Wing Renovate Company owner and taxi driver
Chiu Lau King's son
Lau Fuk Mui's older brother
Suen Siu Yuet's husband
Lau Chui Yee's father
Died in from a car accident in episode 1, later used Leung Tak Wah's body to come back to life
Near the end, Leung Tak Wah's spirit uses Ng Lap Kwong's body, which resembles Lau's, to impersonate Lau
Sonija Kwok Suen Siu Yuet
Fuk Wing Renovate Company owner and Star Entertainment Group staff
Lau Fuk Wing's wife
Lau Chui Yee's mother
Ying Chun's love interest
Leila Tong Lau Fuk Mui (Bobo)
Star Entertainment Group artiste
Chiu Lai King's daughter
Lau Fuk Wing's younger sister
KwokSze Yuen's love interest
Hung Pui San (洪珮珊) Lau Chui Yee
Lau Fuk Wing and Suen Siu Yuet's daughter

The Ying family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Cecilia Fong (方伊琪) Chui Ting
Ying Chun and Ying Fung's mother
Moses Chan Ying Chun (Angus)
Ying Gate Dancing Group owner and dancer
Chui Ting's older son
Ying Fung's older brother
Leung Tak Wah's good friend
Matt Yeung Ying Fung (Ryan)
Star Entertainment Group singer
Ying Chun's younger brother
Chui Ting's younger son

Star Entertainment Group (星藝公司)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Leung Kin Ping (梁健平) KK Star Entertainment Group boss
Alex Fong Leung Tak Wah (Andy)
Star Entertainment Group artiste manager
See The Leung family
Angela Tong Fong Mei Sze (Macy)
Star Entertainment Group Promotion PR manager
Lo Yan Ping's girlfriend
Admired Leung Tak Wah
Sonija Kwok Suen Siu Yuet
Star Entertainment Group staff
See The Lau family
Leila Tong Lau Fuk Mui (Bobo)
Star Entertainment Group artiste
See The Lau family
Matt Yeung Ying Fung (Ryan)
Star Entertainment Group singer
See The Ying family
Dickson Lee (李家聲) Lo Yan Ping (Ringo)
Fong Mei Sze's boyfriend
Josephine Shum (岑寶兒) Fu Sing Mung
Star Entertainment Group artiste
Siu Chuen Yung (邵傳勇) Tse Koon Hei (Fred)
Lam Pui Kwan (林佩君) Rashel Star Entertainment Group staff
Yau Ching (尤程) Monica
Yip Chun Sing (葉振聲) Joe
Bond Chan (陳少邦) Nick
Jason Lam (林遠迎) Jason
Yu Mo Lin (余慕蓮) Siister Ngo


Cast Role Description
Tam Yat Ching (譚一清) Luk Poon
Ngau Yat Yat and Ma Sam Sam's superior
Fiona Yuen Ngau Yat Yat
Ox-Head of the underworld
Luk Poon's subordinate
Admires Leung Tak Wah
Ngok Fung (岳峰) Ma Sam Sam
Horse-Face of the underworld
Luk Poon's subordinate

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Gregory Lee (李泳豪) Kwok Sze Yuen
Fuk Wing Renovate Company worker
Loves Lau Fuk Mui
Mok Lan's son
Mimi Chu (朱咪咪) Mok Lan
Herb Tea store owner
Kwok Sze Yuen's mother
Kenneth Ma Sales agent A
Poon Koon Lam (潘冠霖) 邢浚女友
Ying Chun's girlfriend
Tsui Wing Mister Fok
Merry Auto East Asia CEO
Tsang Wai Wan (曾慧雲) Maple Ying Gate Dancing Group staff
Yvonne Ho (何綺雲) Mei Kwan
Suen Siu Yuet's dancing friend
Ngai Wai Man (魏惠文) Doctor
Daniel Kwok (郭卓樺) Reporter
Law Chung Wah (羅頌華) Mister Yuen

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