Love and Destiny

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Love and Destiny
Also known as三生三世宸汐缘
Written byZhao Na
Chen Liwen
Jiang Yuehua
Directed byLin Yufen
Liang Shengquan
Ren Haitao
Guo Hu
StarringChang Chen
Ni Ni
Opening theme"It's Fate" by Aska Yang
Ending theme"Forgoing Worries" by Jane Zhang
Composer(s)Tan Xuan
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes60
Executive producer(s)Liu Zhi
Producer(s)Zhao Yifang
Production location(s)Hengdian World Studios, Gansu
Running time45 mins
Production company(s)Huace Media
Croton Media
Gcoo Entertainment
Original networkiQiyi
First shown inChina
Original releaseJuly 5, 2019 (2019-07-05)
Related showsEternal Love, Eternal Love of Dream

Love and Destiny (Chinese: 宸汐缘; pinyin: Chen Xi Yuan) is a 2019 Chinese television series starring Chang Chen and Ni Ni.[1] The series premiered on iQiyi on July 15, 2019.[2] It later went on national broadcast and aired on Hubei TV on January 26, 2020.[3]


Love story between God of War Jiu Chen, and a young fairy maiden named Ling Xi. Ling Xi accidentally awakens Jiu Chen who had been sleeping for fifty thousand years after he sealed the demon lord away.[4]



Actor Character Introduction
Chang Chen Jiu Chen A first-class high immortal who holds the position of the God of War. He wields the Kun Wu sword. He has been asleep for 50,000 years, and was awakened by Ling Xi.
Ni Ni Ling Xi The last descendant of the Dan bird tribe. Daughter of Ling Yue and Mo Huan. She was adopted by Le Bo, and hidden away in the Peach Blossoms forest to prevent the Demon tribe from discovering her due to her demonic energy. Her true form is a Phoenix, waiting to be awakened.
Lin Mo Ling Xi's identity in the mortal realm during her trial. She was adopted by Lin Shaohai as his wife could not bear a child. Born deaf and mute, she is meek in nature as she was often bullied. However, she is kind at heart. She is skilled in medicine.

Heaven tribe[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Li Jiaming Yun Feng High immortal of the Military Department, who resides at Fei Lian Hall. Last disciple of the Heavenly Supreme Lord and Jiu Chen's junior. He was hated by Qing Yao in the beginning because he failed to save Qing Yao's husband, but later become lovers with Qing Yao. He appears unbridled and derelict, but is loyal and humorous.
Hai Ling Yuan Tong One of the Four Great Generals of the Heaven Tribe. Yuan Zheng's younger sister. She has an unrequited love for Jiu Chen. Because of her obsessiveness and jealousy, she committed many bad deeds was ultimately banished from the Nine Heavens.
Zhang Haiyu Si Ming Lord of Dipper of South, who is in charge of life and fate of the human realm. He resides at Si Ming palace. He is close friends with Shi San, but feels awkward around her due to her crush on him.
Na Guangzi Shi San A merfolk who was born genderless, and used to be a male general under Jiu Chen. When Shi San is 500 years old, he chose to become a female immortal because she likes Si Ming. She has a heavy weapon called the "Kun Jin Dang". She is straightforward and loud, and is kind at heart.
Hei Zi Tianlei Zhenjun God of Heavenly Thunder. He resides at Tianlei Palace. He is known for his intolerance toward evil. He aspires to be the next God of War, and treats Jiu Chen like a rival.
Lu Jiani Yu Li Daughter of the Medicine King. She admires Jiu Chen.
Gao Xuyang Du Yu Water Immortal Lord of the Eastern Seas. He is in love with Yuan Tong, and tries his best to guide her to the right path.
Xu Jian Yuan Zheng Former subordinate of Jiu Chen. One of the Four Great Generals of the Heaven Tribe. Yuan Tong's elder brother. He was possessed by the demons during the Heaven-Demon war and requested Jiu Chen to kill him, in order not to affect his family's reputation.
Huang Haibing Heavenly Emperor Ruler of the Heavens.
Li Dong Baishan Immortal Heavenly Emperor's aide.
Chenpeng Wanli Qin Yuan Disciple of Nanji Xianweng. Zhong Hao's god-son. He later left South Pole Continent to work for Zhong Hao to repay his debt. He likes Bao Qing, and saved her from being killed by Zhong Hao.
Xie Yuan Nanji Xianweng A deity residing in the South Pole Continent. Qin Yuan's teacher. He guards the Shui Yue Vessel.
Wang Xinting Hua Yan A maid in Fu Yun Hall. She is actually Jing Xiu's mole in the Nine Heavens.
Wang Qingxiang Heavenly Supreme Lord Jiu Chen and Yun Feng's teacher. He resides at Heaven Mountain.
Fu Jun Jin Hua Immortal Lord A high immortal who guards the rules and regulations of the Nine Heavens. He is good friends with Tianlei Zhenjun.
Shen Baoping Immortal Peng A high immortal who has held the positions of Water and Earth Deity. He helps Jiu Chen create an identity in the mortal world.
Xu Wenhao Kai Yang Jiu Chen's subordinate. One of the Four Great Generals of the Heaven Tribe. He likes Yu Li.
Xu Wenhao Han Zhang Jiu Chen's subordinate. One of the Four Great Generals of the Heaven Tribe.
Shen Dianhong Zi Guang Tianlei Zhenjun's subordinate.
Zhao Yijie Fang Sheng Tianlei Zhenjun's subordinate.
Zhang Yan Medicine King Yu Li's father. Old Madame Yuan's brother.
Zhang Ruijia Old Madame Yuan Yuan Zhen and Yuan Tong's mother.
Li Weifeng Sangnan Xingjun A high immortal residing at Bo Xiang Palace. His real form is a magical wood piece of Sangyu tree at Daluo Heavens in the East.
Han Zhenhua Congjiyuan Xianweng An immortal that guards the Congji continent, Jiu Chen's training grounds.
Wang Ding Queen Mother of the West Ruler of Kunlun Mountain.
Xu Jian Wo Dou A former mount of Zhu Rong (God of Fire) that guards the Demon Tower.
Chang You A demon in the Demon Tower, who is always hanging around Wo Dou.
Wang Haonan Zhu Xie Jiu Chen's former subordinate. One of the Four Great Generals of the Heaven Tribe.
Dou Dou Nian'er Jiu Chen and Ling Xi's daughter.
Wei Zhihao Little Medicine Child A little boy that works at the medicine hall.
Liu Shijie

Peach Blossoms Forest[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Zhang Zhixi Qing Yao Descendant of the Fox tribe; her real form is a nine-tailed white fox. A medical officer at the Heavenly Palace's Medicine King Cave. Disciple of Le Bo and Ling Xi's senior. She is calm and mature. She use to harbor a grudge against Yun Feng due to her husband's death, but later falls in love with him.
Li Yu Le Bo Owner of the Peach Blossoms Forest. A former medical officer. Ling Xi's foster father; Qing Yao and Cheng Yan's teacher. He is skilled in harvesting spirit cores. He was killed by Yuan Tong while escaping with Ling Xi from the heavenly guards.
Yuan Hao Cheng Yan Descendant of the Fox tribe; his real form is a red fox. Qing Yao's younger brother, Ling Xi's childhood friend.
Yu Zixuan Hua Meng A flower spirit who was brought to the Peach Blossoms Forest by Cheng Yan. Her real form is a bamboo leaf.
Cui Peng Mo Huan Descendant of the Dan bird tribe. Ling Xi's father and Ling Yue's husband. Le Bo's junior. He was killed by Yuan Du.

Shan Ling Tribe[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Li Dongxue Jing Xiu Descendant of the Swallow tribe. Royal advisor of Shan Ling tribe. A dark, calculating and complex man. When he was a child, he was forced to malign his father for colluding with the Demon tribe by Yuan Du, causing his whole tribe to be annihilated. He is seemingly loyal to his master Ling Yue, but has his own agenda. He falls in love with Lin Mo after she showered him with kindness while he was injured.
Liu Qianhan Ling Yue Ruler of Shan Ling tribe. Descendant of the Phoenix tribe. Ling Xi's mother and Mo Huan's wife.
Liu Yinglun Bao Qing Princess of Shan Ling Tribe. Ling Yue's adopted daughter. A vicious and arrogant woman. She likes Jing Xiu.
Ma Jun Yuan Du Previous Ruler of Shan Ling tribe. Ling Yue's father. He forced Jing Xiu to betray his family members so he could wipe out the entire swallow tribe. He also killed Mo Huan to prevent him and Ling Yue from being together, as the rulers of Shan Ling tribe are not allowed to marry outsiders. He was trapped in the Fuling Continent by Ling Yue.
Hou Peijie You Chang Father of Jing Xiu. He was falsely accused of colluding with the Demon tribe by Yuan Du, and killed by him.
Du Yiheng Chi Bi General of Shan Ling Tribe. Jing Xiu's subordinate and aide.
Du Heqian Granny Shi Ling Yue's confidante.
Ji Xiaofei Chang Ting A deity who inherits the position of the Ruler of Shan Ling tribe.
Yang Hongwu Wu A witch doctor of Shan Ling Tribe. Jing Xiu's advisor.
Wang Ting Xiao Fu Ling Xi's personal attendant.
Han Xue A Yu Bao Qing's personal attendant.
Feng Yuzhu Lan'er A maid that badmouthed Bao Qing and was gotten rid of the next day.

Demon tribe[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Wu Zhiqi Fourth generation of Demon King.
Xue Haowen Zhong Hao Son of Lie Yi, Jiu Chen's former general that was banished from Nine Heavens to Shan Ling. He sold his soul to the demon lord after being pursued by Jing Xiu, and wants to avenge his tribe that was killed by Jing Xiu.
Wen Zhao Hei Chi Descendant of the Han Shan tribe. He appears to assist Zhong Hao, but is actually Jing Xiu's subordinate.

Mortal realm[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Hou Changrong Lin Shaohai Lin Mo's father. He took Lin Mo from child's bureau when she was a baby and loves her as if she is his own child.
Tang Qun Old Madame Lin Lin Shaohai's mother and Lin Mo's grandmother.
Lin Jing Pei Yun (Madame Yang) Lin Shaohao's wife and Lin Mo's mother.
Yang Kaidi Second Madame (Shu Hai) Lin Shaohao's second wife. She dislikes Lin Mo.
Gao Yufei Lin Zhan Lin Shaohai's second daughter. Lin Mo's younger sister. She dislikes Lin Mo and always picks on her.
Ren Luomin Physician Sun A physician that takes in Lin Mo as his disciple.
Chen Ying Madame Guan A lady helper that works with Physician Sun. She is close with Lin Mo.
Cui Hang Shen Peishu A teacher that is match-made with Lin Mo.
Sui Yongliang Zhu Zizai A cultivating mortal. He saved Jiu Chen in the mortal world and was taken in as his first disciple.
Xu Lingchen Bao Suozhu A cultivating mortal. Zhu Zihai's disciple. He becomes Hua Yan's master after she was reincarnated.
Guo Jun Physician Song Friend of Lin Shaohai. He likes Ling Xi and wanted her to marry his son.
Li Meijun Xiao Ju Maid of Lin family.
Zhang Yixin Madame Yu Housekeeper of Lin family.
Li Weifeng Fang Jun One of Sangnan Xingjun's reincarnation during his mortal trial. Qing Yao's husband in the mortal realm.
Sun Xingqing Madame Fang Fang Jun's wife.


The series is produced by the team behind the 2017 drama Eternal Love, who stated that Love and Destiny is set in the same fictional world as Eternal Love and would be seen as a spin-off.[5]

The series was filmed in Hengdian World Studios and Gansu from July to December 2018.[6] Chang Chen and Ni Ni were announced as the leading actors on April 9, 2019 and a trailer was released the same day. The series marks Chang Chen's small screen debut.[7] The rest of the supporting cast were unveiled on May 9, 2019.[8]


The series received positive reviews for its plot and acting, rising from an initial douban score of 5.4 to 8.3.[9] It received praise for spreading the beauty of Chinese culture and promoting positive values.[10]


1."It's Fate (是缘)" (Opening theme song)Duan SisiTan XuanAska Yang 
2."Water From the Heaven (水从天上来)"Liu ChangTan XuanZhang Bichen & Zheng Yunlong 
3."The Fool on the Clouds (云上的傻瓜)"Duan SisiTan XuanLu Hu (version 1), Li Jiaming (version 2) 
4."Forgoing Worries (解忧)" (Ending theme song)Liu ChangTan XuanJane Zhang 
5."Forest of Birds (鸟语林)"Liu ChangDan YulongShuangsheng 

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
The Third Internet Film Festival Most Anticipated Director Guo Hu Won [11]
26th Huading Awards Best Actor (Historical drama) Chang Chen Nominated [12]
Best Actress (Historical drama) Ni Ni Nominated
China Entertainment Industry Summit
(Golden Pufferfish Awards)
Best Drama Love and Destiny Won [13]
Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival Best Web Series Nominated [14][15]
Top Ten Web Series Won
Best Actor Chang Chen Nominated
Best Actress Ni Ni Nominated
Sina Film & TV Award Ceremony Top Ten Television Series Love and Destiny Won [16]
Film and TV Role Model 2019 Ranking Most Popular Supporting Actress Zhang Zhixi Won [17]


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