Lover Boy (album)

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Lover Boy (Haunted Graffiti 6)
Lover Boy (album).jpg
Studio album by Ariel Pink
Released 2002 (Original)
March 2006 (Re-issue)
Recorded 2001 - 2002
Genre Psychedelic pop, lo-fi
Label Ballbearings Pinatas, CD Baby
Producer Ariel Pink
Ariel Pink chronology
House Arrest
(Haunted Graffiti 5) (2002)
Lover Boy
(Haunted Graffiti 6) (2002)
Holy Shit EP
(Haunted Graffiti 7) (2003)

Lover Boy is the sixth album from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti series, originally released by Ballbearings Pinatas in 2002 as part of a two-CD set with House Arrest,[1] reissued in March 2006 as a single album on CD-R. The reissue includes a slightly different set of tracks from the original album, cutting "credit" and "one on one" from the line-up and adding the live song, "You Are My Angel".[2]

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Don't Talk To Strangers"
  2. "Didn't It Click?"
  3. "She's My Girl"
  4. "Poultry Head"
  5. "Older Than Her Years"
  6. "So Glad"
  7. "Want Me"
  8. "Loverboy" with John Maus
  9. "Jonathan's Halo"
  10. "Hobbies Galore" by R. Stevie Moore
  11. "I Don't Need Enemies (Holy Shit Single 45)" with Matt Fishbeck
  12. "Let's Get Married Tonite"
  13. "Ghosts" with John Maus
  14. "Phoebus Palast" with coL
  15. "Blue Straws" with Brandt Larson
  16. "The Birds They Sing In You" with coL
  17. "New Trumpets Of Time" with coL
  18. "Doggone (shegone)"
  19. "You Are My Angel (Live)"
  • coL played drums on "Poultry Head", drum programming, guitars, vocals on "New Trumpets Of Time". On the track "New Trumpets of Time" Pink only played bass and synthesizers on the track. The song was originally created with coL for his album, but because coL took a long time to compile this album; Pink really thought the track should be heard, and he placed it on his record.[4][5]


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