Lowell Edwin Jones

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Lowell E. Jones
United States
ResidencePort Jefferson, NY, United States
Alma materYale University
Known forFarrell–Jones conjecture
Scientific career
FieldsGeometry, Topology
InstitutionsStony Brook University
Doctoral advisorWu-Chung Hsiang

Lowell Jones (born 1945) is an American professor of mathematics at Stony Brook University[1]. Jones' primary fields of interest are topology and geometry. Jones is most well known for his collaboration with F. Thomas Farrell on the Farrell–Jones conjecture.

Education and career[edit]

Jones received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1970 under the guidance of Wu-Chung Hsiang.[2] Jones' dissertation topic, assigned by Hsiang,[3] concerned the fixed-point theorem of Paul Althaus Smith.

Jones joined Stony Brook University in 1975.

Mathematical contributions[edit]

When Farrell and Jones first started collaborating they gave the very first example of an Anosov diffeomorphism on a manifold which was not infranil.[4] Later, Jones and Farrell, also a student of Hsiang, caused a paradigm shift in higher dimensional topology when they applied ideas from differential geometry, and dynamics to questions such as the Borel conjecture. The Farrell-Jones conjecture [5] implies the Borel Conjecture for manifolds of dimension greater than four.

Jones, and Farrell published about fifty papers during their 25-year collaboration.[6]

Jones was invited to speak at the 1990 International Congress of Mathematicians in Kyoto.[7]


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