Lu Xun Literary Prize

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The Lu Xun Literary Prize is a literary prize awarded by the Chinese Writers' Association (simplified Chinese: 中国作家协会; traditional Chinese: 中國作家協會; pinyin: Zhōngguó Zuòjiā Xiéhuì). It is one of China's top four literary prizes and is named after Lu Xun and has been awarded every three years since 1995.[1]

The 2010 Lu Xun literature prize 5th Award Ceremony was held in Shaoxing on October 19, 2010.[needs update] Che Yangao, secretary of the discipline inspection committee in Hubei’s capital city of Wuhan, won the award for his collection of poems "Yearning for Warmth."[2]

The Prize has seven award categories:

  • National Excellent Novella Award
  • National Excellent Short Story Award
  • National Excellent Reportage Award
  • National Outstanding Poetry Award
  • National Excellent Prose Essay Prize
  • National Outstanding Literary Review Awards
  • National Outstanding Literary Translation Award (formerly the Rainbow Translation Award)


Winners include: