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Lucia St. Clair Robson is an American historical novelist. She was married to science fiction novelist Brian Daley.[1]


  1. Last Train from Cuernavaca - inspired by two very different women, one Zapotec and one English, who participated in the Mexican Revolution.
  2. Shadow Patriots - The story of a group that spied for George Washington, including a woman known only as "355"
  3. Ghost Warrior - The story of the Apaches and Lozen, revered warrior and shaman.
  4. Ride the Wind - Cynthia Ann Parker's life with the Comanches.
  5. The Tokaido Road - A chase up the fabled Tokaido Road, set against the backdrop of feudal Japan's most famous event, the revenge of the forty-seven ronin.
  6. Mary's Land - A novel of the rowdy Maryland frontier of 1638.
  7. Fearless, A Novel of Sarah Bowman - Six-foot-tall laundress, Sarah Bowman, makes a name for herself in the Mexican War.
  8. Walk in My Soul - A fictional account of young Sam Houston's life with the Cherokee Indians and with their Beloved Woman, Tiana Rogers.
  9. Light a Distant Fire - Osceola and his beleaguered people fight the U.S. Army to a standstill in the swamps of Florida in 1840.
  10. "A Chance of a Ghost" short story in Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories on the 50th Anniversary


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