Luciana Duvall

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Luciana Duvall
Luciana Pedraza Lucky You 2007 Shankbone.jpg
Pedraza at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival
Born Salta, Argentina
Alma mater University of Buenos Aires
Occupation Producer
Spouse(s) Robert Duvall (2005-present)

Luciana Duvall (née Luciana Pedraza; Spanish pronunciation: [luˈsjana peˈðɾasa]) is an Argentine actress and director. She is married to American fellow actor Robert Duvall, and is the granddaughter of Argentine aviation pioneer Susana Ferrari Billinghurst.

Early life[edit]

Born in the Argentine Northwest, in the city of Salta, she grew up in the province of Jujuy.[1]

She was the oldest of five sisters.[1] After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires with an MBA and minor in English[citation needed] she became the marketing director of W. & Associates.[1] In 1996, while strolling down a street, she approached actor Robert Duvall to invite him to a party without knowing who he was.[2][3] They share the same birthday 41 years apart.


Pedraza wrote and directed the short documentary The Portrait of Billy Joe (2004) and appeared in the 2002 film Assassination Tango, which was written, produced, directed by, and starring her future husband Robert Duvall. She also appeared in another film of his, Wild Horses.

Later career[edit]

Pedraza with future husband Robert Duvall shaking hands with a member of the "The Black Stallions" of Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Four at the Taormina Film Fest in Sicily in June 2003.

Luciana and Robert Duvall founded The Robert Duvall Children's Fund in 2001 to help impoverished children and families of Northern Argentina. Since then, the 501 c(3) has expanded its reach to assist children and families around the world by partnering with reputable organizations. Among their organizations is Pro Mujer, a non-profit dedicated to helping Latin America's poorest women help themselves through micro-credit, business training and health care links.[4][5]


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