Lucius Julius Libo

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Lucius Julius Libo
Roman SPQR banner.svg
Roman Senator
In office
267 – 266 BC
Preceded by Publius Sempronius Sophus
Succeeded by Decimus Iunius Pera
Personal details
Born Rome
Political party Gens Julia
Spouse(s) Cecilia Metela
Children Lucius Julius Libo II

Lucius Julius Libo was a member of the influential Julii clan. This patrician family was always of the most distinguished blood. However, they had long since fallen out of the inner Roman elite. The Julii were active in politics since the Punic Wars.

Libo descended from the Julii who fled from Alba Longa to Rome. This city was destroyed by the Roman king Tullus Hostilius. His ancestors claimed their descent from the goddess Venus and the first Roman king Romulus. He had a son of the same name Lucius Julius Libo II with Caecilia Metella Macedonica, daughter of Lucius Caecilius Metellus Denter and Barsine of Macedonia.

Libo was consul in 267 BC. According to the Fasti Triumphales he celebrated a triumph over the Sallentini on 23 January 266 BC. His son of the same name was father to Numerius Julius Caesar, born before 300 BC. Numerius was a grandfather to Sextus Julius Caesar I, the great-great-grandfather of Gaius Julius Caesar IV.

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Preceded by
Publius Sempronius Sophus and Appius Claudius Russus
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Marcus Atilius Regulus
267 BC
Succeeded by
Decimus Iunius Pera and Numerius Fabius Pictor