Lucky Twice

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Lucky Twice
Origin Sweden
Genres eurodance
Years active 2006–2010
Labels Family Tree Music
Past members Sofie Larsson (born in 1990) (2006-2007)
Hannah Reynold (born in 1991)
Emelie Schytz

Lucky Twice is a Swedish pop music duo consisting of Hannah Reynold (born 25 November 1991) and Emelie Schytz (born 3 April 1992). They are signed to Family Tree Music in Sweden. Their manager is Victoria Ekeberg, who has success with September, Gathania and Nexx.

Their first single, "Lucky", was released in Spain on July 20, 2006 through Vale Music. It went to number 1 in the singles chart and was certified double platinum. Their album Young & Clever was released in June 2007 and was followed on July 23 by the single "Hop Non Stop".

"Lucky" has also hit the charts in Denmark (# 5), France (# 8), Finland (# 17), Germany (# 41), Austria (# 42) and Sweden (# 43). Despite some video rotation, press interest and a performance at G-A-Y in London, the release of the CD single was cancelled in the United Kingdom after some record label complications. The song has reached a cult-like status within U.K bars and nightclubs.[citation needed]

Originally Lucky Twice consisted of Hannah Reynold and Sofie Larsson. However, in 2007, Larsson left Lucky Twice to join the Twisters, a band she formed with her brother. Larsson was replaced by Schytz soon after, and Lucky Twice rerecorded their old material with Schytz, as well as some new songs. A new version of the album "Young & Clever", which had only previously released in Spain when the album featured Sofie, was announced on their website to release in Poland and in Asia in 2008 with Lucky Twice already appearing in Poland to promote "Lucky" there, however, while various clips were posted, the new version was shelved, although demos later leaked to YouTube. In 2009, Lucky Twice was due to release their next single and first single off a planned second album called "Love Song", however, the single was cancelled due to disagreements on the single between the members and the label.

In early 2010, Lucky Twice decided to split up. Since then, a rough, incomplete demo of "Love Song" leaked online, followed by the leak of the full music video later on. After the original posting of the music video was deleted, Emelie herself later posted the full music video for "Love Song" to her YouTube channel as a gift to the fans.[1]

On October 17, 2012, Victoria Ekeberg, the producer of Lucky Twice, announced on her official website that the duo will be releasing new material soon. An official Facebook page was launched for Lucky Twice, however, it hasn't been updated since December 2012 and no official announcements regarding performances or releases have been made yet.

As of 2015, "Young & Clever" has been released to digital stores internationally. The version released was the new version of the album featuring Emelie, which had been originally scheduled to release in 2008.




Year Title Chart positions
2006 "Lucky"
2007 "Hop Non Stop"
"The Lucky Twice Song"
2009 "Love Song"


  • [*] Current in charts


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