Luele River

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Luele River
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Physical characteristics
River mouth 3°57′17″S 19°23′56″E / 3.954767°S 19.399023°E / -3.954767; 19.399023Coordinates: 3°57′17″S 19°23′56″E / 3.954767°S 19.399023°E / -3.954767; 19.399023
Basin features
River system Kasai River

The Luele River (called the Pio-Pio or Lié River in its lower course) runs from south to north through Idiofa Territory, Kwilu District, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The river starts as a clear stream in a small valley near Idiofa. It grows in size rapidly due to many small tributaries, among which is the Punkulu River, and then meanders through a large valley before entering the Kasai River downstream from Mangai.[1]


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