Luigi Mascolo

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Luigi Mascolo
Bishop of ICAB
Church Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church
Archdiocese Rio de Janeiro
Consecration 1964
by Antidio Jose Vargas
Rank Bishop
Personal details
Born Irsina, Italy
Nationality Italian
Denomination Independent Catholicism, former Roman Catholic
Profession Priest, missionary

Luigi Mascolo was an Italian former Roman Catholic priest who converted to and became a bishop of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB), an independent Catholic Church in Brazil.


Mascolo was born in Irsina, Italy at an unknown date. He was an ordained as priest of the Diocese of Matera-Irsina and was sent to Brazil as a missionary. The current leader, Mgr Dante Luis Bergonzi of the Argentine Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAA), states that Mascolo's mission in Brazil was to undermine the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church, or ICAB. He converted to ICAB and was consecrated as an ICAB bishop in 1964 by Antidio Jose Vargas. He was ICAB's bishop in Rio de Janeiro, and consecrated the first bishop and Patriarch of the Argentine Catholic Apostolic Church, Leonardo Morizio Dominguez, in 1972. It is unknown if his actions against the Catholic Church resulted in excommunication by the Vatican.

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