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Luigi Rosselli is an Italian born architect who practices in Australia. He was born in Milan in 1957.[1] He studied architecture at the Ecole Politechnique Federale in Lausanne, where he met Alvaro Siza and Mario Botta, who offered Rosselli a job in 1979.[1] He left the next year to work for Mitchell/Giurgola in their New York office.[1] That firm won a commission to design the Australian Parliament House, and Rosselli moved to Canberra in 1981 to work on that project.[1] He met his wife there, and the two of them moved to Sydney in 1984.[1] He joined Furio Valich's firm, then opened his practice a year later.[1]

His work has primarily been residential, but in the 1990s he worked on a series of restaurants.[1]

He says that his approach to architecture is "humanist, where people and environment take precedence over preconceived design dogmas" [2]

Timeline of Luigi Rosselli's designs from 1990-2012

In 2004, a house he designed in Mosman won a commendation from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (AIA),[3] and in 2006, he shared the AIA's NSW Wilkinson residential award for a farmhouse in Mount Minderoo, near Mittagong.[4][5]


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