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LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Industry Branding, design, advertising
Founded 2003
Headquarters Milano, Italy and London, United Kingdom
Key people
Pietro Rovatti, Drew Smith

Lumen is a Milan-based multi-disciplined creative and design consulting agency, founded by Pietro Rovatti and Drew Smith in 2003.


Lumen was founded in 2003 by the Canadian-born Drew Charles Smith, a consumer branding and packaging specialist, and the Italian Pietro Rovatti, a corporate identity and branding specialist. Previously, Smith had been Creative Director at Carré Noir, Robilant & Associati and, eventually, at FutureBrand Gio Rossi Associati, while Rovatti was Senior Art Director at Sudler&Hennessey and later Creative Director at FutureBrand Giò Rossi Associati.[1]

Corporate structure[edit]

Lumen's approach is called branding innovation and, according to its founders, this is what made the agency quickly growing internationally, by opening a branch office in London (UK) in 2006 and establishing strategic partnerships in the same year with Mildberry, the first branding network in Russia, and in 2011 with 1.618, a Hong Kong-based branding agency.[2][3] As of July 2011, the agency has 50 employees of 18 different nationalities.[4][5]

Lumen offers a wide range of services for corporate ad private clients, as brand strategy, packaging design, corporate & brand identity, brand management, retail design, environmental design, interactive media, point of sale and merchandise design.[6][7]


Lumen current and past clients are worldwide-known firms from multiple sectors, like Ferrero, AC Milan, Campari, Diageo. Autogrill, Bonduelle, Zuegg, Unilever, Club Med, Illy, Parmalat, Gancia, Sky, Bticino, Barclays, Kellogg's, Heinz, Henkel, Festina and Rolex.[8]


Some Lumen's works have been awarded due to their style and the use of innovative materials. The project realized for the rum Zacapa Centenario Etiqueta Negra has been focused on the "emotional involvement of the material used in the packaging" (in this case, palm fibers reproducing the motif of the south-American petate on the pack):[9] a reason that prompted the Material Connexion research institute to show the product at the "Materiali innovativi e imprese 2009" exhibition, organized under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan at the design museum Triennale di Milano.[10]

A list of the most recent notable honours the agency received:

Competition Year Country Award Category Product Client Result
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2011 Italy Luxury Packaging Award Zacapa XO Diageo Winner[11]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2011 Italy Brand Manual Award Fedrigoni Winner[11]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2011 Italy Pharmaceutical Packaging Award Rilastil Istituto Ganassini Winner[11]
Designpreis Deutschland 2011 Germany Prelius Compagnia di Volpaia Nominee
Mediastar 2011 Italy Internet Entertainment Award giOXO Digital Entertainment OXO Winner
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2010 Italy Beverage Packaging Award Cinzano Vermouth Cinzano Winner[12]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2010 Italy Luxury Packaging Award Yacht Club Case Diageo Winner[12]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2010 Italy Corporate Literature Award Bottega Verde Winner[12]
Red Dot 2009 Germany Best of the Best: Packaging Design Award Prelius Compagnia di Volpaia Winner[13][14]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2008 Italy Corporate Identity Award AC Milan Winner[15]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2008 Italy Cosmetics Packaging Award Bio Clin Istituto Ganassini Winner[15]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2008 Italy Publishing Design Award Gazzetta dello Sport RCS MediaGroup Winner[15]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2008 Italy Best Logo Design Award Fondazione Cariplo Winner[15]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2007 Italy Beverage Packaging Award Boario Ferrarelle S.p.A. Winner[16]
Grandprix Pubblicità Italia 2007 Italy Food Packaging Award Canned Vegetables Bonduelle Bonduelle Winner[16]
Pentawards 2007 United States Bottled Waters Ferrarelle Special Edition Ferrarelle S.p.A. Bronze[17][18]


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