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Lunapads is a business in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that manufactures washable, cloth menstrual pads and underwear, and distributes a commercial menstrual cup via its website. They are also the company behind Pads4Girls,[1] a project started to help resolve the issue of girls in developing nations missing school due to a lack of adequate sanitary protection and resources available to manage their periods.



The products were designed and created by fashion designer Madeleine Shaw in 1993. Shaw wrote the first business plan for Lunapads in 1994, and in 1995 opened a store and small production facility. In 1999, she met Suzanne Siemens, an accountant, at a community leadership course. Sharing a similar business vision, they combined their skills to develop Lunapads as an international company.


Lunapads are a liner-on-top style cloth menstrual pad as opposed to the more common "envelope" style. The pads have two parts; a Pad Base which snaps around the underwear of the wearer and a Liner Insert which is inserted under two bands on either end of the pad. Each pad consists of two layers of 100% cotton flannel base topped with a central pad made of one layer of nylon and two layers of 100% cotton fleece with bands at either end to hold liners.

Liner Inserts are 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece. This liner-on-top design allows the wearer to replace used liners with fresh, while still using the same base pad or panties.

Luna Undies are period underwear, designed to function on their own as a menstrual product. A nine-inch long panel of 100% cotton fleece is sewn permanently into the gusset, with cotton bands at each end to hold liner inserts. Luna Undies are most frequently considered a menstrual product, but are also worn as maternity underwear (prenatal and post-partum), and used by those who experience light or stress incontinence.

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